Miracle on Main Street Project


Last month we asked for your help in bringing some holiday magic to the residents of the nursing homes. You blew us away with your generosity and big hearts. Now we are asking for you to help us with our Miracle on Main Street project.

Our local businesses have been hit hard by the pandemic that started in March. Luckily the lock down and regulations started as winter was winding down. Many businesses were able to make changes in order to keep their doors open. They also had to make changes to keep employees and the public safe. All of this came at a cost. Even though we had a fairly busy tourist season and the Chamber was able to help bring in over $50,000 in grant money to local businesses and chamber members it was not enough. As winter gets ready to set in, and Covid cases keep increasing, businesses will again have to make changes in order to do business.

We need every business to survive! We depend on every business in this community to maintain our way of life and quality of living. To help businesses in 2021 we are asking for you to give the gift of the chamber this year to your favorite local business. You can sponsor a specific business or donate to a general fund that will help us cut the cost of membership down for those who need it.

Every little bit helps and every business could use a little financial relief heading into 2021. Please consider making a donation now. You can also make donations at the chamber office as well. Give us a call at 715-373-5017 or send an email to director@washburnchamber.com if you have any questions.

Thank you for your support of this project.

Members who have already been sponsored:

AdventureUs – Membership Covered
The Snug– Membership Covered
North Coast Coffee – Partial Membership
Patsy’s Bar & Grill – Partial Membership

General Fund Total: $155
ReSource ReUse Store will receive a grant from the general fund.

Thank you to the donors:

Colleen and Dan Puzak
Luanne Carlos
Linda & William Ovaska
Paulette Embertson
Joanne Then

  • Miracle on Main Street Project

  • Example: 7153735717
  • If you chose a specific business please name them below. Check the list of sponsored members to ensure your choice has not already been covered. Please consider donating to the general fund if your favorite has already been covered.
  • $
    You can contact the chamber at 715-373-5017 for the cost of dues for a specific business.