Airfox Photography LLC – Member of the Week January 4th – 10th, 2021

Sunrise over Washburn Marina by AirFox Photography, LLC

We are excited to restart our Member of the Week Program for 2021 with the business who provides us with all those amazing aerial photographs, and videos of Washburn and the surrounding areas. AirFox Photography and owner John Buvala will celebrate 5 years of business in March. However, with over 30 years of experience he is not new to the game.

How It All Got Started

John originally took up photography in the 80’s, back before digital cameras and drones were even a consideration. He took a break from commercial work to raise his family, and always had plans to start up again when his kids where grown. Five years ago, he founded AirFox and the rest is history. Now he enlists the help of his wife Kathy and son Josh is some of his drone adventures.

Why Drones?

John’s first thought when deciding to get back into photography, was to capture it from the air using drones. Low level, drone aerial photos, provide an overall picture not possible from the ground. This also meant he could offer a range of services that is not possible with just a digital camera on land.

What Services Are Available?

AirFox Photography works in Ashland, Bayfield, Douglas, Iron & Sawyer Counties in Northwest Wisconsin and in Upper part of Michigan. John offers a wide range of services that can be used by everyone. From your standard aerial drone video and photos, like you see us use on our website and on social media, to thermal imaging, and 360 photos. He can accommodate both public and private events. John also trains for and participates in search & rescue missions. Need help with inspections for insurance purposes? AirFox Photography can provide inspections from the ground and air.  He has helped with images of wind, storm and fire damage for residential clients. AirFox Photography provides services for commercial and engineering projects as well. John’s work can be found in many commercials for local businesses and events. You might have seen his work on BBC Television, The Discovery Channel, MSN, and Yahoo. His images have been published in magazines such as Lake Superior Magazine & Golf Midwestern Magazine.

Licensed Professionals Are the Best Choice

Anyone can own and operate a drone, so why should you hire a professional? The number one reason, is that professional drone pilots, like John, are certified and licensed through the FAA. FAA Remote Pilot Certificates are required by law to fly a drone and capture images that a person plans to sell or give away to aid the furtherance of a business or product. In addition, John also has a Federal Waiver of Authorization to fly at night and has the clearance to legally fly over crowds at large events like parades. He is fully insured.

Giving Back to the Community

John uses his skills and talents to give back to the communities he works in.  He is currently the board president for the Washburn Chamber, and was a founding member of the chambers 110% Club in 2020. John also sits on several other boards such as the Iron River Sled Dog Race. He tries to support as many nonprofits as he can through his photography. John works especially hard on getting the word out when disasters strike. Through his videos and photos he lets people know what is happening when it is not safe for them to go out themselves.

Learn More

If you would like to learn more about working with AirFox Photography and the services John provides you can visit his website. Be sure to check out his YouTube Channel and his Facebook Page also to see his work first hand.