There is no off-season for birding in Washburn and its surrounding areas!  This area is unique as Washburn and the surrounding area are on the southern migratory range of many Northern species of birds as well as on the northern migratory edge of some Southern species.  Northern Wisconsin’s varied habitat includes bogs, marshes, and conifer forests, and Lake Superior provides food, shelter, and acts as a corridor for migrating birds and insects.

Whether you’re a die hard or “just looking” your chances are pretty good you can find many different species of birds and insects here in Washburn!

To request additional information on local wildlife and birding in Bayfield County, visit the Washburn Area Chamber or stop by:

  • Washburn Area Chamber

100 W Bayfield Street

Washburn, WI

Click here for a guide on Wisconsin butterflies.

For information on the area’s birding festival, visit the Chequamegon Bay Birding & Nature Festival.

Spring: The Tundra, Mute, and Trumpeter Swans spend time here in the spring, as well as waterfowl, 3 different species of Scoters (sea ducks), Wood Duck, Warblers, Fly Catchers, and other Tropical migrants.

Summer: Spruce Grouse and Boreal Chickadees. 

Fall: Pelicans, Waterfowl, 3 different species of Scoters, Wood Duck

Winter: Snow Owls, Northern Finches, and Cross Bills

This is also a terrific area for butterflies. Such as the unique greenish blues, the Green Coma and Bog Coppers. Washburn is a great Dragonfly habitat, as well.

Observation Sites For Birds and Mammals:
Thompson’s West End Park
Washburn Walking Trail
Lakeshore (behind the water treatment plant)

Coal Dock
Memorial Park
Big Rock Campground
Friendly Valley Road
Mouth of Sioux River
Bayview Park and Bayview Road
Voight Fish Hatchery
Birch Grove Campground
Fish Creek Marsh

For Butterflies:
Washburn gardens and boulevards
Coal Dock
Northern Great Lakes Visitor Center
Brink’s Road (FR #236)
Fireroad #444
Moquah Barrens Wildlife Area (FR #407)
FR #237 (Pipeline)
Pine Lake
Long Lake
Lost Creek Marsh and Bog (in Cornucopia)
Bayview Park and Bayview Road

For Dragonflies and Damselflies:
Long Lake
Arneson Road and Ponds
Rib Lake
Pine Lake
Perch Lake (HWY C)
Harker’s Lake
Bayview Park (Green-Striped Darner)
Voight Fish Hatchery
Red Cliff Fish Hatchery
Aquaculture Center
Lost Creek Marsh and Bog (in Cornucopia)

Special thank you to David A. Bratley for compiling and sharing this information.

birding in Washburn