Santa Leyenda

Celebrate and share different cultures with Santa Leyenda at their vibrant and lively location in Washburn just blocks from Lake Superior! The heart of Santa Leyenda lies with lucha libre (“freestyle wrestling”) rooted in Mexican culture, tradition, myth, and colorful and meaningful rituals. Santa Leyenda combines excellent food and atmosphere into a culture-sharing experience.

North Coast Coffee

North Coast Coffee is a cozy, inviting coffee shop offering Fair-Trade and organic coffees, espresso drinks, teas, smoothies, freshly made sandwiches, and pastries. They serve gourmet Chocolate Shoppe ice cream year-round, as well as signature espresso-based drinks like Caramel Coast, Miel Latte, and Turtle Mocha. Open daily with a convenient drive-thru for busy days.

Café Coco

Somewhere between a Parisian Boulangerie, a metro-chic coffee bar, and Grandma’s kitchen lies the heart and soul of Café Coco. With a lifetime of eating, tasting, cooking and baking, Café Coco delivers carefully chosen recipes to their customers with the love and respect they deserve. Proud member of Travel Green Wisconsin. Vegan and gluten-free options …

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