Indulge your inner treasure hunter and explore the world of geocaching!  This modern day treasure-hunt involves using GPS coordinates to locate hidden caches of trinkets.

A global game of hide-and-seek, geocaching is user-friendly and sustainable, and can be enjoyed alone or with friends and family.  It will lead you through overgrown woodlands, to remote bike trails, to quiet islands accessible only by canoe, providing a great opportunity to get outdoors and interact with your environment.  From the urban jungle of a city, to the small town secret beach, to the natural beauty of a national park, the world is your treasure map!

To request additional information on geocaching in Bayfield County, visit the Washburn Area Chamber or visit us in town:

  • Washburn Area Chamber

100 W Bayfield Street

Washburn, WI

Join the world’s largest treasure hunt here.

The Wisconsin Geocaching Association is dedicated to protecting and promoting sustainable geocaching within the state of Wisconsin and has many resources for cachers of all experience levels.

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