Road Construction

Washburn Road Construction 2024

Updated as of 4/10/24

Road Construction has begun on phase one of the Bayfield St. project. The detour route is now open and traffic should follow that route. There is signage on the route to help you navigate to the businesses on Bayfield St.. All businesses are open for business during the construction. More signage is coming and should be placed on the Avenues & Omaha late next week. The Chamber is also working on a map to guide you to your favorite Washburn businesses. It should be available in both a digital and physical form soon.

As new information becomes available we will update this page. We will also include an update in our newsletter that goes out each week on Thursday afternoon. Scroll to the very bottom of this page to sign up if you would like to be added to the list.

Please use our contact page if you have questions or need assistance. We will do our best to provide an answer or get you in touch with someone who and help.

You can find more information about Washburn road construction on the cities website HERE, or on the Wisconsin DOT website HERE.

Detour Route

Main Route

If you are coming from Ashland, the detour starts at Hwy 13 and Bigelow St.. You will turn right onto Bigelow St. and follow the signs. The end of the route is on the corner of Bayfield ST. (Hwy 13) and 1st Ave W. That is where you will enter if coming from Bayfield. The map on the left shows you the full detour for this phase of the project

Entering and Exiting the Detour

We noticed that a lot of people are confused about how to enter and exit the detour from the East end. The image to the right shows the flow of traffic and where people need to stop. The double stop signs in front of the chamber office are NOT suggestions! Please pay attention if you are on Bayfield St. between 2nd & 1st Ave W Headed towards Bayfield. You must stop as oncoming traffic does not have to stop.

Also, Please note that there is no parking along the detour route. This includes on 1st Ave W. next to the chamber.

Washburn Road Construction Updates

This week the contractor started to remove the road starting at 2nd Ave W. They will move West removing the road and sidewalk on the North side of the street to 8th Ave W. (County Hwy C). The sidewalk on the North side of the road is now closed. Please use the South sidewalk. There are a few businesses on the North side of the road that only have access from Bayfield St. They will leave the sidewalk open from the closest side street to those business. Please be aware that cars and pedestrians should only cross Bayfield St. on Avenues that are open to through traffic. Currently that is 2nd Ave W, 4th Ave W, and 8th -11th Ave W. This is for your safety, as the construction workers may not be able to see you from their equipment.

Accessing Businesses On Washington Ave

The work on Washington Ave, just south of Bayfield St. is still moving forward. Omaha St. is now open making it easier to access businesses on 3rd Ave W. Unfortunately, it is still hard to access several businesses and making it difficult to install the signage to help everyone find those businesses. The image to the left shows how you can access those businesses if you traveling West through the city.

Coco’s & Chippewa Valley Bank are the most impacted businesses by the Washburn Road Construction at this time. You can’t access them by car from Washington Ave. or Bayfield St.. You can only access them through the alley off of 2nd Ave W. or by walking to them on Bayfield St.. Coco’s was been closed during the month of March but they will be opening again Thursday, April 11th.

Access to the businesses on the North side of Bayfield St. will need to use 4th Ave W. to cross over. Once on the North side turn right on Pine St.. You can access the parking lot between Sweet Fern Apothecary/Seeds of Well Being & 211 Martini from the alley on 3rd Ave W.. To do that turn right off of Pine St. at 3rd Ave W. and then turn Left into the alley. You can use that parking lot or you can park on Pine St. or 3rd Ave. W when going to the businesses in that area. If you do park on 3rd Ave W. It would be best not to park between the alley and Bayfield St.

Washburn Road Construction Fast Facts

General Information

  • The detour route is not open to ATVs, or UTVs.
  • Reach out to the city or the chamber if you have any questions or concerns and we will do our best to help.
  • 11th Ave W, 9th Ave W, 8th Ave W, 4th Ave W & 2nd Ave W are the open cross streets at this time. Use only these Avenues to cross Bayfield St. by car or by foot. Open status is subject to change at any time.
  • The businesses are doing their best to navigate this disruption. Please be patient with them as they work out the logistics. Also please continue to support them while this work is taking place.

Driving Information

  • The speed limit on the detour is 25 miles per hour. Law enforcement will be monitoring the road and they will give tickets. Tickets in a construction zone are doubled!
  • The lettering on the signs on the detour are set to WISDOT standards for the posted speed limit. If you can’t read them you are going too fast.
  • There are a lot of people not following the posted traffic signage. It is getting better each day but it is still happening. As you drive through the city pretend you are in a new place that you have never visited before and look at all the posted signage. We all work on muscle memory, also known as driving on auto pilot, in places we know and are used to. Doing that now could get you a ticket or could lead to an accident.

Parking Information

  • You can park and drive on Bayfield St. between 1st Ave W & 2nd Ave W. This is for business traffic only. If you are not visiting a business on that street please stay on the detour until 1st Ave W or join the detour at 1st Ave. W. If you are on Bayfield St. between 1st & 2nd Ave W and are headed towards Ashland you will need to turn right onto 2nd Ave W between Cozy Corner Guitar and the Cenex Gas Station to get onto Washington Ave or left to get onto Omaha and the detour. If 2nd Ave W is closed you may need to make a U-Turn on Bayfield St. to get back out.
  • You can not park on the detour route.
  • Parking on the avenues is discouraged especially the ones that are not open as a cross street. Parking for Bayfield St. businesses is available on Omaha from 11th Ave W to 3rd Ave W.

Business Information

  • If you are a business owner please contact the chamber with questions about signage. We are handling that for everyone including non-members. Talk with us before doing anything with signs, we can help save you a lot of time and money.
  • The next meeting for businesses with the contractors and the project coordinators is tentatively set for Tuesday, April 23rd at 1pm in the basement of the library. This is not a public meeting this is for the business community only.
  • Reach out to the city or the chamber if you have any questions or concerns and we will do our best to help.
  • If you need a graphic to help show customers how to get to your business reach out to the chamber and we can create one for you.